1989 Isuzu Trooper

Engine Mechanical problem
1989 Isuzu Trooper 4 cyl Four Wheel Drive Manual 156000 miles

Hi there. I'm hoping that you can offer some help with my 89 Isuzu Trooper that I just bought. A friend of mine was going to sell it to pick-n-pull but I was really interested in it so I got it from him for really cheap. It needs a little work and I'm planning on spending time on it as a summer project. Here's what needs to be done: some of the vacuum tubes have been taken out and mis-labeled and the timing belt was shifted because the top gear was removed. It also has a few loose wires. I'm going to need a shop manual to connect all of this correctly and so I was hoping you have any online that would help?
May 4, 2010.

Hello and thanks for donating

Sure, we can help with that. First off, could you specify the trim model of Trooper as well as the engine size i.E. Trooper S, Trooper II, 2.5L, 2.8L etc?

Is the timing belt replacement and vacuum routing the only thing you need help with?

Hi thank you,
It is a Trooper RS 2.6L 4-cylinder. Well, I also need some help with the wiring. There are a few loose wires around the, whatcha-call-it, the throttle body? Where the fuel and air mix I believe. My friend (the last owner) took off most of the top of the engine to remove the head to replace the head gasket. It now appears that he had left some wires un-connected but, he doesn't know where they came from. I also suppose they may be from options that were not installed on this model. I do have this other little thing. The key has been lost at this point so to start it ill need to disassemble the ignition. Are there any safety devices I should watch out for? So, that is all at this point i'm pretty sure. My main objective is to get it running smoothly then, clean it up a bit with low spending. I hope all this is sufficient and I hope to hear back again soon.

PS. I'll add a pic later so that you can view it. It is still at my friends house right now.

May 5, 2010.
Okay, i'll start with posting the vacuum diagram for you so you can get those lined up correctly.

For removing and installing the timing belt correctly, follow the below steps..

On to the wiring..this will be hard without actually being there, so the best I can really do is post the wiring diagram for your vehicle's engine compartment. You should be able to follow the wires per the schematic and match them up on your engine.

The wiring diagram is pretty large so it will nto fit into the forum here in a larger view, but just give me your email addy and i can send it via email and you can then enlarge it.

As for the key, the best bet would be having a locksmith come out and make a key on spot. If you'er going for cheapest route possible then I suppose you could "hot wire" it, although I do not have much experience in hotwiring a vehicle.. Looking at the starting system schematics, you might be able to do it without cutting any wires. unbolt the ignition switch from the steering column to disable the steering lock. The electrical part of the switch is attached to the mechanical part with a couple screws, you just have to remove the screws and you should then be able to turn the switch with a screwdriver and start the car.

Thank you thank you, thats what I think I need. At this point I don't know exactly because I can't start working on it till this monday. Amrenonv@sbcglobal. Net is my screen name for the wiring diagram. Ill be keeping in touch with you guys. You're very helpful.

May 6, 2010.
You're welcome and thanks for using 2CarPros. Com

I sent the engine wiring diagram, let me know if you need further assistance with these repairs.