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I am a student and cannot afford to take my Rodeo to a shop to figure out the problem so I hope for your help please and thankyou.

Year: 1991
Model: Isuzu Rodeo
Engine: 3.1L V6
Transmission: Automatic 4X4

At first the transmission would not shift into reverse but the transmission is good and lights and gearselector is movible. All gears would work properly including winter mode an power mode just reverse didn't. Now I am not getting any gas into the injectors but fuel pump is working, it has a throttle body. I can poor gas into the carberator and it will run for a bit but quit. I thought maybe it just needed to get the gas up there, so I poured the gas in the carberator for a while but nothing. So I was wondering if these two problems were related in some way and how I could fix it or at least what the problem was. I am not too well with computers in vehicles.

Thank you for your time and hopefully you can help.
February 8, 2006.

Double check all fuses

Feb 10, 2006.
Did, and all are perfect.

Feb 10, 2006.
It never hurts to replace the fuel filter. Just a suggestion. It's probably more than just the filter, but you can always take a look at it.

Feb 11, 2006.
If it was a computer what would effect the fuel flow and the transmission gearing.

Feb 13, 2006.
The injectors require a certain voltage to hit them at the right time to spray the fuel into the engine. I can't say for sure, but I think the crank position sensor is the one that tells the injectors to fire. Use a multimeter and a check for proper voltage at the injectors.

Also, remove the fuel filter and ensure that fuel is flowing through the fuel linel. You might be able to hear the pump turn on, but it might not be pumping fuel due to a clogged fuel pump screen or pick-up.

I'm not well versed on the 3.1, but the next check would be the fuel pressure regualtor. If it is faulty, it could restrict all the fuel from getting to the injectors.

Jun 17, 2006.