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I have a 1997 isuzu rodeo, v6. I was driving down the free way a little over a week ago when my car just started to lose power. My car died but luckily I was able to jump it to get it home. I took my car to checker to have the battery checked and the alternator checked, it turned out my alternator was bad. I replaced my alternator and my battery and the car started up fine and appeared to be working correctly, but after I began to drive it, the same thing happened again. The battery is holding really low voltage, only about 10 volts. Also I i stopped my car in a parking lot, and when I released my foot off the break my car began to accelerate on its own, it reached 25 mph with out me even touching the gas. Im very confused what do I do?
January 15, 2006.

A different battery

Jan 18, 2006.
Just fixed one with a similar problem. After 10 hours of diagnostic work!
We installed two NAPA reman alternators and were getting the same results as you. We installed a Carquest reman alternator and it was fixed. Apparently NAPA's rebuilder doesn't realize that the Isuzu's ECU needs a reference signal from the Alternators internal regulator or it will ground the circuit and prevent the alternator from charging. The NAPA alts were not piutting out the voltage at this wire, the CQ Alt. Was.
P.S.-Took 10 hours to figure this out, good luck.

Jan 18, 2006.