1992 Isuzu Other

I just got this car, half a tank of gas was in it, after sitting around for a year, I used about a quarter of it. Then I added fuel injector/carborator cleaner. Then I filled up the tank with new gas.
it started jerking on a short trip the other day and I noticed the brake, gas, and battery lights were on. Then when I tried to start it the other day, it only ran for a few seconds and stopped. I replaced the fuel filter and some gas cleaner, which helped a little bit. Now it runs for about a minutes and still jerks. Would heet and octane booster help?
November 28, 2006.

I would try filling it with premium gas and add some heet and drive it on the highway to cycle it through your fuel system good and see if that helps any

Jan 22, 2007.