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2000 Isuzu Amigo, V6, 4x4, Automatic transmission, 78000 miles

Transmission engages slowly, meaning it doesn't immediately go into drive when placed there. Will also slip out of drive into neutral (or at least fail to engage) when starting out from a stop - IF driver notices and eases up on the gas, it will drop back into drive - if not, it will buck & shudder until it finally engages.(Think " neutral drop" and you get an idea of what it feels like) Ideas? Also tranny service procedures? (Nothing in the owner's manual)

Fuel gauge will correctly register a completely full tank of gas, then after 35-40 miles, gauge drops below empty and the " fuel" light starts flashing - anyone have any ideas on this one either?

Thanks guys!
January 20, 2006.

Hey, I have a 1999 Amigo and I had a similar problem with my fuel gauge. After filling up only the first 7 gallons would register and after that my gauge would show empty. I eventually change the fuel sending unit, which normally corrects the problem. (It didn't fix mine, per se, the gauge now sits at half full) I am going to go back in and see what else it could be.) But normally that is one of the first things that is checked or replaced. I attaced a link that discusses changing the fuel sending unit. Good Luck.

Feb 5, 2006.
We are needing to replace the clutch in the amigo, however my husband has never replaced a hydraulic clutch, could you help him with providing some information, especially a diagram for him to review.

Thank you

Mar 11, 2006.