2005 Isuzu Ascender

Electrical problem
2005 Isuzu Ascender 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 80000 miles

Speedometer suddenly went to 95 then slowly worked its way up to 120. Each time engine is turned off needle drops. Each restart needle starts lower ie. 65, 70 etc. Then runs up to full peg as vehicle speed increases. Cruise works properly. All other gauges work. Just speedo wont go back to zero and work. This came on suddenly while driving. Is there something I can adjust with a tool smaller than a 3# hammer?
August 15, 2010.

Common fault on these instrument clusters; each gauge including the speedometer has a small motor that turns the needle - the motor is defective and needs replacing. One place that repairs them is Mr. Whizard Technical Services. Just google that name.

May 31, 2012.