1990 Isuzu Amigo

Electrical problem
1990 Isuzu Amigo 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 290000 miles

Can anyone please help me locate a good used or aftermarket gas gauge (my attempts have failed) or is there a way to repair the one I have? It was working fine - had an oil change, came off the lift and no longer worked. Have an excellent mechanic (not oil change guy). Electrical harness seems to be fine. Simple style dashboard, does not have a tach and has just the 'dummy light set'. Can send picture if it will help. 2.6 L engine. Thank you!
November 9, 2010.

Before you get a gauge, I strongly suggest that you ask the garage to diagnose the problem. It may be a ground issue, gauge or float problem.

If you want me to locate one once you know, I will. OR I will if you still want me to regardless of testing.

(I may have some terms a bit off from my quick notes I took.)

The mechanic says it is not the fuel sender/sensor because he ran a ground wire and the gauge didn't work. Does my version make sense the way I said it, or I can get a better description tomorrow.

What I find too much of a coincidence to ignore is I drove the car into another shop, we took it for a test drive, the gauge worked, then he put it on a lift to do the oil change, and immediately after the gauge did not work.

I appreciate any and all suggestions. It's unnerving not being able to look at the gauge working.

Thank you.

Nov 9, 2010.
Okay, so you had it diagnosed, that's the important part.

A couple thoughts to run by you before you cry " foul play". First it is possible. But the cause must be determined. There would be no motivation be any tech to want to tamper with it. Now I have seen Older vehicles that are weak in the frame and flex I have seen wiring problem happen, fuel and brake fluid lines leak just off the top of my head, that I would not have believed if I didn't witness it. So it may be a problem that is the fault of the aged car rather than the shop who did the LOF. IT is possible that the lift could have been set in a way that it could have made matters worse. Thus the logic for diagnosing.

So bottom line is you need a gauge.
Have you called the dealer? That would be the first one I would call. Probably obsolete being how old it is. Next I would check is E-bay or scrap yards in your area. What have you tried so far?

A big problem is that the age of the truck and the Obama car crushing era may have made these extinct.

Right - my reason for mentioning the coincidence is because I agree it's possible something got loosened up. The timing is just too strong. Before lift: Works. After lift: Dead. My strong desire to have it working mixed with hopeful optimism make it seem feasible that there is a clue to what might have 'loosened up' during that ride on the lift or oil change, etc. I can't believe it's pure coincidence - while absolutely not claiming intentional foul play, certainly.

Certainly, I have checked with the dealer and some online sources for after market parts first before taking this route. As did the 'good mechanic'. I don't know where to turn, hence I signed up for the paid level forum question anticipating someone will lead me to a 1990 Amigo gas gauge.

I need to get this fixed and will stay tuned for a solution one way or another.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

Nov 9, 2010.
Okay, You did your homework. Lemme try. I'll update.

Is this part of the cluster.I can look it up, but would rather know from you in the event my info is wrong.

If you would be kind enough or patient enough to write out the exact info and wording to ask the mechanic, I am going to the shop tomorrow for a fan belt and can find out exactly whatever you tell me to ask or want him to try while we're at it.

Thanks very much!

Nov 9, 2010.
I looked it up, it is part of the cluster.

There are two ways to go about this. Get it rebuilt( if possible) of find a used cluster.

I will update tommorrow.

Thank you so much! I will await your follow-up then. I'll be away from the computer in the am EST until midday.

I really appreciate your help.

Nov 9, 2010.
You need to specify with or with out tachometer.

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