1995 Infiniti Other

Engine Performance problem
1995 Other Infiniti Models 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 152000 miles

Infinity model is J30 that has fuel injection. Spark plug location is not readily visible. Do I have to remove some parts to access the spark plugs? Can I obtain a spark plug replacement procedure with illustrations without investing in a full repair manual for this car?
July 22, 2008.

I spent about 45 minutes last night trying to find info for you. I have access to another program that may give me some insight for you.

I don't recall the pleasure of working on this one. Book time is less than an hour to do them. So I think it shouldn't be too bad. I'll post back later.

Good greif, info is limited on this.

Take a look at this:

The coil is over the plug on this. It looks like a few bolts hold the coil on by looks of the lower left of the pic. Remove the bolts, pop out the coil.

Make sure you have the right gap and plug type for it.
.039-,043 inch gap-platinum plug. This should be fairly easy by the looks.

IF it was me, I would use a touch of anti-seize on the threads and some dielectric grease in the plug boot.