2006 Infiniti M35

Engine Cooling problem
2006 Infiniti M35 6 cyl All Wheel Drive Automatic 73,000 miles

I was in an accident back in May 2009, where i was rear ended and i hit the person in front of me. My car was in the shop for 2 months and total damages was $18,000.00 After I got my car back it sat in my garage for 2 months due to the stickers being out of date and when i started driving it this pass November I noticed the A/C not cooling properly, I figured it needed a free-on charge(which i never did) So all of a sudden my car starts to stall on me on the highway after driving for 8 miles from my home, and it was over heating.. smoking just alittle and the antifreeze in it was boiling when we opened the hood. I was told that when my accident occurred that it could have cause my engine to shift, and that caused the head to crack and the head gasket to rott. now i was told this by a mechanic over the phone who had never seen my car. So now i receive a letter from Infiniti stating that they are extending the warranty on my car's radiator fan motor, can this be the problem? and what should i look for?

December 11, 2009.

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