2004 Infiniti I35

Brakes problem
2004 Infiniti I35 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive 65000 miles

Is it necessary to change the brake pads when replacing the rotors? How long should new rotors be expected to last?
August 19, 2010.

Hi tarabia1,

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It depends on the pad conditions. If the wear is not lopsided and pads are still thick, some smoothing out with sand paper on a level surface should suffice. However after installation, you should give the brakes some running in to settle down. During this period, should take 2 or 3 normal driing days, use the brake gently and avoid hard braking.

How long rotors last depends on various factors.

1. Brake pads quality.
2. Brake calipers condition.
3. Driving habit.
4. Driving condition.

It is difficult to put an exact mileage as it can last for more than 100 k for some people.

Aug 19, 2010.