1996 Infiniti I30

Suspension problem
1996 Infiniti I30 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 150000 miles

How difficult is it to change both the front and rear struts. I found some replacement struts online and would like to change them myself.
August 16, 2008.

SHOCK ABSORBER/STRUT ASSEMBLY Removal Support transverse link to remove tension from shock/strut mount nuts and bolts. Remove upper and lower shock/strut mount nuts and bolts. Remove shock absorber/strut. Disassembly 1. Clamp shock absorber/strut in vise, using Vise Attachment (ST35652000). Loosen, but DO NOT remove, piston rod lock nut. Compress coil spring with Spring Compressor (HT71780000). Remove piston rod lock nut. Remove coil spring. 2. On J30, use Wrench (ST35490000) to remove gland packing nut. Push piston rod down until it bottoms. Slowly pull piston rod and piston guide from strut body. Inspection Check for smooth operation through full stroke, both compression and extension. Inspection for oil leakage around welded areas and gland packing. Inspect coil spring, welded areas, and piston rod for blueing, cracks, deformation, or other damage. Inspect mounting insulators and rubber parts for separation or cracks. Reassembly 1. Be careful to install spring correctly. Top end is flat. Install upper spring seat with notch facing outer side of vehicle. Install piston rod lock nut, and tighten to specification. Refer to TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS. Installation To install, reverse removal procedure. Page 1 of 1 FRONT SUSPENSION -1996 Infiniti I30 8/16/2008
STRUT ASSEMBLY Removal 1. Remove luggage compartment trim panels. Remove strut cap and strut upper mounting bolts. Raise and support vehicle. Remove strut lower mounting bolts. Remove strut from vehicle. Clamp strut assembly in vise with Strut Attachment (ST35652000). 2. Mark spring, spring seat, and shock absorber for reassembly reference. Loosen, but DO NOT remove, piston rod lock. Compress spring with Spring Compressor (HT71780000) until upper spring seat can be turned by hand. Remove piston rod lock nut. Remove spring and spring compressor. Installation Noting reference marks made during disassembly, reassemble strut assembly. Tighten piston rod lock nut. Gradually release spring pressure. To install, reverse removal procedure. Tighten nuts/bolts to specification. See TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS.
Application Ft. Lbs. (N.M) ABS Sensor Bolt 18-25 (25-33) Lateral Link End Nuts 72-87 (98-118) Center Nut 43-58 (59-78) Strut Lower Mounting Bolt 72-87 (98-118) Strut Piston Rod Lock Nut 13-17 (18-24) Strut Upper Mounting Nut 12-14 (16-19) Torsion Beam Mounting Nut 72-87 (98-118) Wheel Bearing Lock Nut 137-188 (186-255) Page 3 of 3 REAR SUSPENSION -1996 Infiniti I30

Aug 16, 2008.