2003 Hyundai Tiburon

Transmission problem
2003 Hyundai Tiburon 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 82000 miles

I am replacing a clutch on a 03 Hyundai 2.7 liter V6 Tiburon and I am having problems with getting access to the clutch, in the pics you will see that there is a bell housing that mounts to the engine then the gear box is mounted to the bell housing, the bell housing is one piece and I can't access the clutch plate to unbolt it from the flywheel, I have unbolted the bell housing from the engine were the clutch is located and seperate it from the engine to access the clutch, but it won''t seperate from the engine, I can't access the bolts on the clutch plate to unbolt it from the flywheel, how do you seperate the clutch system from the flywheel, is there a speical tool that is needed to seperate the two from each other in order to access the clutch. As you can see in the pics I am at a stand still, I have look online in books and all the information that they give me is the steps on how to replace the clutch, not how to get to and access the clutch, so if you can help me it would be much graditude and thanks on your part.
April 10, 2009.

Hi rdastrup,

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Did you disconnect the clutch fork completely? There is a 14 mm nut that has to be removed failing which the trans cannot be completely disengaged from engine.

Let me know if it helps.

Apr 10, 2009.
I removed the nut and it came right out thank yu.

Jun 6, 2012.
Milne: Thank you for letting us know our response helped.

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Jul 28, 2012.