2002 Hyundai Sonata

Interior problem
2002 Hyundai Sonata 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 67582 miles

removal and replace regulator left front window
April 30, 2009.

Remove the quadrant inner cover and the rear view mirror.
Remove the front door inside handle housing.
Remove the front door trim panel.
Insert a trim panel remover between the trim fasteners and the door trim panel to pry off.
Disconnect the door lamp connector.
Remove the pull handle mounting bracket, inside door handle and the door trim seal.

Remove the front speaker.

Remove the front door belt outside weatherstrip.
Lower the door window glass and loosen the carrier plate mounting bolts in the regulator channel.
Tightening torque
Front door glass mounting bolts: 8-12 N.M (80-120 kg. Cm, 5.8-8.7 lb. Ft)
Pull the door glass out through the window slot.
Remove the door regulator channel mounting bolts and then remove the door regulator assembly.
Tightening torque
Door regulator channel mounting bolts: 4-6 N.M (40-60 kg. Cm, 2.9-4.4 lb. Ft)
Installation is the reverse of removal.
When installing the door trim seal, butyl tape should not be placed over door trim fastener mounting area.

Dave H
May 5, 2009.