2006 Hyundai Other

My Hyundai Matrix (2006 Model, Petrol, Engine 1.8, 2 Wheel Power Steering, 10900 Kms) has been grounded in the middle of the street as it refused to start today. I called up a mechanic and have it diagnosed. He suspects that it might be because of ignition coil problem. He ruled out other problems after checking various parts of the car and by examing the health of the central power circuit board which is hidden behind the glove box. The other day, I was driving in the town and the engine stopped suddenly. I tried cranking but it just wouldn't start. My mechanic repaired it again somehow by cleaning up the power circuit board but it after driving for about a couple of minutes and still in the highway, it stopped again. Is this because of the ignition coil problem? How might I get it fixed?
Pema wangdhee
September 13, 2007.

To test. When the car does not start you need to see if there is spark to the plugs. No spark see if there is 12volts of current to the coil. Got power to the coil but no spark replace the coil.

Bruce Hunt
Sep 13, 2007.
Hey, i've had exactly the same problem, it turned out to be the crank senor which wasn't very expensive to purchase nor replace

Feb 23, 2009.