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I own a 1994 hyundai excel 1.5 liter and it will not crank up it turns but nothing else happens I just replaced the fuel pump then the ignition coil and the timing was checked and it is set right what else can be wrong can someone please help me thanks
June 6, 2007.

You need to find what is missing, spark, timing/compression or fuel.

OR combination of.

Well it has a brandnew timing belt and it is getting good fuel so I guess it is compression but I have no idea how to check that I am a woman and dont know nothing about cars besides how to check oil or change a tire. Lol but what would I need to tell someone that was fixing it for me about compression how would they go about checking and fixing the compression thanks for any help or advice

Jun 7, 2007.
Upfront, You should take it to someone that knows what they are doing. It is more likely that it will be less stressful and less expensive in the long run. Having said that,

Both fuel pressure and compression are done with a gauge that hooks up to the fuel test port and spark plug hole accordingly. They need to be in spec, not just present. I assume there is a visable spark from the plug when it was checked?