2002 Hyundai Other

I keep smelling burning oil but when I checked my oil and my oil filter it looks clean I was wondering if im just smelling it cause I took the cat off and built my own header cause on my car the header and the cat are built as one part so I cut it off and made my own header for more power also sence I did this my header comes lose and my o2 cencer makes sev. Eng. Soon light come but if I take the battery lose and tighten the header and put the o2 back on it fixes it for a week or 2 what can I do to fix these problems Please Help
January 2, 2007.

Once you wander away from stock, you create a Frankenstein.

Is your question how to keep the header tight? Since that is when the problem occurs?

So how would I keep it tight I have tried loctite did not work

Jan 6, 2007.
Hmmm. How accessible are the holes? Maybe re-tap? Contact Bruce Hunt ( One of the moderators) on this one.