2006 Honda Ridgeline

Electrical problem
2006 Honda Ridgeline 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 60000 miles

If I leave tha AC on and try to start my truck, it is very sluggish starting. Soemtimes when I do this, there is a clicking after it turns over and the tach and speedometer jump. Even if I remember to keep the AC off before I shut down, it still seems to be more sluggish than before. This morning after I had the clicking and jumping needles after startup, my next startup wouldn't start. I had to shut it down and try again. It started and it started again my next try a few hours later. When my oil was changed a month or so ago, this had just started happening and I had them check the battery. They said it was fine. Is it my starter? Alternator? I've never experienced this one before.
June 16, 2010.

The battery is weak, check and load test the battery.