1998 Honda Prelude

Engine Performance problem
1998 Honda Prelude 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 142000 miles

I have a 98 prelude running really good I did some modifications like intake and headers and cam gears. Then recently the radiator cracked so I used so jb weld, it held up for a while but then cracked a gain so I just bought a new radiator thiniking my problems were done. It worked good for a few days then my water pump went bad and had to replace that. It took a while but I finally got it done but it only worked for a few days then my car just shut off one day while I was driving. I tested the grounds I tested the sparks and everyrthing was good but it worn't start it only cranks. Please help if you know what the problem is thankx
March 2, 2008.

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