1992 Honda Prelude

Electrical problem
1992 Honda Prelude 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 14900 miles

my question is simple, how difficult would it be for me to aquire/change the fuel pump relay on my 1992 honda prelude?
the reason i ask is because i took her to a mechanic i've used in the past and he quoted me right at $200 and i think he might be full of $#!^.
I've attached a picture of what i think the fuel pump relay looks and its only $50 online.
Basically, what i need to know is do i have the right part in mind and can i replace it myself?

thank you

August 27, 2008.

The PGM-FI main relay also powers the fuel pump located behind left side of dash above clutch pedal bracket.

Aug 27, 2008.