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Hi yesterday I was replacing my sparkplugs on my honda and as I was removing the first sparkplug I head this crack noise so I ignored it then I heard another crack noise then I took the spark plug out and I looked at it and the ceramic part is all cracked and chipped and Now im very scared that there are little pieces sitting on My piston. : ( What should I do?
thanks guys
June 7, 2006.

Have a good shop vac? Or access to one. By hand turn the engine so the piston is on top and then connect the vac to a short piece of garden hose and seal it somehow with tape etc to ensure maximum suction is still there to the end of the hose. Now put the hose into the hole or the top of the spark plug hole and let her suck. A good vac should pick up ever is laying in there.

Bruce Hunt
Jun 12, 2006.