2004 Honda Other

Electrical problem
2004 Other Honda Models 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 42000 miles

Well I found out that my window doesn't work, I had a short in the door, so I found the short and fixed that and replaced the fuses that associated with the window (that I know of), I checked for power, and there is no power running to the door at all. I found the wire that comes out of the soft top distributer under the airbag, and there is no current running to that side of the clip. My drivers side door works fine, and I even used the driver door to try to close the passenger side window and nothing. I am stuck and have no idea how to find the problem or where too look for the problem.
I have an 04 Honda S2000. If you guys could please help me with my next step in finding out whats wrong.
October 7, 2008.

Hi aspunde,

Thank you for the donation.

We shall start with the basics and check all the related fuses. I am not sure abiout which wire you mentoned does not have power supply.

In the diagram you can see all the fuses related to the power window.

Oct 8, 2008.
Well I checked all the fuses that are running to the fuse boxe underneath the stearing wheel, and all of the fuses under the hood. The driver side window works perfectly, but the passenger side doesn't. I did have a blown fuse on the passenger side window motor and I fixed the wire that was exposed, but there is no power running through the wire to the door. I don't know if its a relay or something else.

Oct 9, 2008.
Hi aspunde,

Sorry for the delay in answering.

The driver door main switch controls the power supply to the passenger door.

Color of wire is Red/White.

If power is not present with ignition switch on, you need to test the driver door main switch out put. The wire (Red/White) leads to the passenger side and if power is present, you need to check for broken circuit from driver door to passenger door.

Oct 13, 2008.