Honda Odyssey

The warning light came on on my 2001 honda odyssey. The dealer checked it, said it was the catalytic converter. Will cost $1000 to replace, I asked MIdas shop, they said they stopped changing converters on Hondas because the warning indicator will not go off. Should I pay the dealer $1000 or fix it with aftermarket part and drive with the light on?
another question, my car has 100K miles on it, do you think if I changed the spark pulgs and the timing belt that might solve the faulty converter?
thank you.
November 13, 2007.

What is the code for the catalytic converter?

Nov 14, 2007.
I also have a 2002 odysey over 95000m and the maintenance required light came on a week ago. It was having some problems maintaining rpms while holding it at a steady speed. I had the problem off and on for two months before the light on the dash came on. I'm afraid to take it in and afraid not to. I'm keeping an eye on your post to hopefully give me some idea of my problem.

Nov 29, 2007.