1995 Honda Odyssey

Engine Performance problem
1995 Honda Odyssey 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic

I have been adding oil between changes for the last two years but recently something caused oil loss to increase dramatically.

I am now having to add a quart every 100 miles. Is their any cheap fix that might get it back to a quart every 500 miles?
August 16, 2008.

Hi loyear,

Any idea what is causing the oil loss? Due to consumption with engine operations or leaking out through seals or pressure points?

Aug 16, 2008.
The is no sign of oil leaking, but there is smoke in the exhaust when starting the car after it sits for hours.

Aug 18, 2008.
Hi loyear,

Based on your description, the easiest and cheapest remedy would be to replace the valve seals.

Those can be done on car without removal of the cylinder head but is not an easy job due to the layout of the engine.

I can safely assure you of a 70 % drop in oil consumption after the job is carried out.

Aug 19, 2008.