2008 Honda Fit

Noises problem
2008 Honda Fit 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 18,000 miles

Hi I have a Honda Fit (Jazz) that is just over a year old. I recently had to have a new clutch fitted and while the mechanics were at it they installed new front brakes. That was about eight weeks ago. Since them the car has become very noisy. It is creaking, popping, knocking but not consistently - sometimes it creaks or knocks when steering, sometimes creaks when braking, sometimes creaks when pulling away and when it is just rolling along there is a definite rumble coming from the axle/ suspension area. It is getting very annoying.
Any ideas what it might be?
June 18, 2009.

You had your clutch replaced at 18K miles? Check your front suspension components for loose parts.