2003 Honda Element

Transmission problem
2003 Honda Element 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 123000 miles

Tonight my D light started flashing on my Element. I know its time to change the fluid on it, but was wondering if it would flash for this? It drove fine, however, has been shifting hard for a little while now. I checked the fluid, and its a very pale red color, no burnt smell etc. I also had it hooked up to a scanner with no errors reported. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
October 9, 2010.

Hi wdavis1971,

When the D indicator is flashing, it means an error has been detected in the transmission system and that is the reason for the harsh shifting.

Some scanners might not show transmission codes and some codes are not stored in the computer. Redo the scan and if it does not show, drive vehicle unit; the D flashes again and without turning off the engine, perform the scanning again.

There are no systems available that will tell you the fluids are due for replacement.

Oct 10, 2010.
Some aftermarket scanners can not scan for trans. Codes.