Honda Del Sol

I have a 1993 Honda Del Sol, 170000 mi, D16z6. My radiator fan doesn't work with the car running. There is voltage going to the fan. When I turn on the a/c, if I sit in one spot, the car will overheat and the fan never turns on. But as soon as I shut off the engine, but keep the ignition open, the fan kicks in. Otherwise, the car never overheats, only with the a/c on, and the car sitting still. What could be causing this?
August 1, 2007.

I am sending you diagrams and tests for the fans and sensors via email.

Bruce Hunt
Aug 2, 2007.
Have a similar problem with my 95 del sol 1.5l S. With 136,000 miles on it. Sometimes when the car is idling, the engine starts to overheat. I've taken it to a few mechanics but they haven't been able to replicate the problem. I was told maybe the radiator fan motor isn't working, and the next time it happens to pop the hood and see if the fan is working. It wasn't. Took it back, they checked the fan and said it worked when they supplied power to it. Now, they say it might be the sensors.
Any ideas?

Aug 10, 2007.