1991 Honda CRX

Engine Mechanical problem
1991 Honda CRX 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 273000 miles

Hello, Here is what is happening.
I start my car and it idles high until it heats up. Then when the rpm settles down instead of idleing steadily, it jumps. From 1000 to 2000. When I try opening up the throttle the car sucks air, but seems to be cutting out fuel. Like it is running out. The fuel pump turns on and pumps when I turn they to " on". I do have a bad cap and rotor, and do not know what the condition on the fuel filter is. Please let me know what would cause this to happen. Thank you
October 11, 2009.

Hi momoxsparco558,

Is the check engine light showing?
Was any repairs carried out prior to this happening?

Oct 22, 2009.