1990 Honda CRX

Engine Mechanical problem
1990 Honda CRX 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 199999 miles

I let my crx sit for about two weeks and now it won't start. I have checked all that I know of to figure out the problem but can't find it. I had thought it was my distributor because I changed out the rotor spark plugs and wires but that wasn't it. So I bought a new one and put it in. Now I have fire but it won't start. Took my valve cover off rotated my crank to top dead center of cylinder one and checked to see if the rotor was on fire one it was. Checked my fuel lines injectors everything and it's good. I can't figure it out please help.
June 1, 2009.

Have u checked 2 see if fuel pump kicking on. Or if fuel pump relay good.

Jun 13, 2009.