Honda CRV

I was telling my friend about strange sounds when I go over bumps and how the ride is all of the sudden pumpy and when I go over bumps it feels like my front driver side wheel goes over the bump before my front passenger side window. So he said that my strut is broken so if this is true what could happen if I drive it he told me that the wheel alignment will be messed up and that was about it and then he said something else that could happen but I was leaving his car when he said it and I never herd really what he said. So I was just wondering what could happen if I drive with a broken strut. This is on a 1997 honda cr-v
July 10, 2006.

You mentioned that the bumps when you go over them seem to have one wheel going over before the other. You have loose suspension and there is every possibility that the wheel assembly could come off. Stop driving the car. Fix it or park it.

Bruce Hunt
Jul 10, 2006.
So you do not think that it is the strut by it self? Well in anyway it looks like I stay off the car intell I can fix it before I make it worse thank you for the information

Jul 10, 2006.