2004 Honda CRV

2004 Honda CRV

how do you change dash lights on a 2004 honda crv
June 11, 2010.

1. Remove the driver's dashboard lower cover, then remove the instrument panel.

2. Place a clean shop towel under the gauge assembly to prevent scratching the steering column or dashboard.

3. Remove the three mounting screws from the gauge assembly.

4. Disconnect the connectors, and remove the gauge assembly and found the bulbs that needs to be replace.

5. Install the gauge assembly in the reverse order of removal.

All good answers. FWIW, the bulbs alone can be replaced; you don't need to buy the $10 bulb holder and bulb at the Honda stealer. The parts fiche shows the bulb and bulb holder separate, but Honda only sells the assembly.

p/n 2721 at get 10 bulbs for about .90 each if you order 20 (two little cases).
This is also the bulb used on Audi CHMSL that use incandescent 1.4W bulbs.

The #77 bulb at autozone or advance auto parts won't work...diameter too large for the honda bulb holder.

I just did this bulb replacement on a 2004 CRV.

Jan 30, 2013.