1999 Honda CRV

Engine Performance problem
1999 Honda CRV 4 cyl All Wheel Drive Automatic 66800 miles

Recently, my vehicle has started stalling occasionally when I stop to make a turn and then accelerate or come to an almost stop and try to quickly accelerate. The car is then difficult to re-start. I have noticed also that from a first start, the ignition just doesn't feel quite right, almost as if my starter is going, but not exactly. My local mechanic checked out the fuel pressure and said it is ok, but printed out a recall bulletin on ignition switches that might include my vehicle. The recall Number is 02V120000. As I am the second owner and it was a private sale in 2001, I did not receive a vehicle recall notice. I called one local Honda dealer service desk, who I must say, was not exactly helpful. I wil be calling a second dealer in the area for help, but my question is. Am I on the right track?
January 3, 2009.

Hi mcneillc,

The difficult or non starting could be due to the ignition switch but the stalling might be a different problem with the idling circuit.

Get the ignition switch replaced first.

Jan 13, 2009.
Thanks! I'll start there.

Jan 13, 2009.