Honda Civic

I have a 1995 Honda Civic DX Sedan 1.5L.

My exhaust rusted off where it connects to the catalytic converter and continued to rust around the muffler. Instead of going with and paying the steep price for a plain OEM exhaust I wanted to go with an aftermarket stainless steel replacement.

Now I'm going to replace the converter and the exhaust. The new exhaust is a 2.5" which is larger than stock. Is there anything I need to do other than just swap all the parts? The new exhaust is a direct bolt on. It comes with everything needed but now I'm wondering how it'll replace the smaller OEM without any further adjustments.
February 16, 2007.

As long as the system components, ie the convertor, resonator and muffler are rated for the vehicle as a replacement I would think you would be fine. Make sure that the heat shields are tight before putting on the new pipe. Don't want any rattling and they are easier to work with without the pipe in the way.

Bruce Hunt
Feb 17, 2007.