Honda Civic

I have a 1995 Honda civic lx 1.5l w/210000 miles.
Need to replace the Right side drive shatf and I am having issues with removing the drive shaft hub nut. I have had two guys with an breakerbar and a crowbar(following the repair manual to a " t" ), all we end up doing is lifting the car off the ground even more than it already is. Have also tried pb blaster, heat and slight tapping, nothing is working. Could the nut be a reverse thread or am I just doing something straight up wrong. Also some one along the lines cross threaded a lug nut and while trying to remove the lugs we snapped one of the wheel studs off, so now I have to get this done. Any one please help me. Wife really wants her car back.
March 17, 2007.

Ok. Now I am really needing help. Just put an impact gun on it and it didn't even budge. PLEASE HELP ME.

Mar 18, 2007.
An impact wrench is not going to get that thing loose. If you notice the nut is also got a ping in the nut to kind of lock it in place. Try to pry that back in place. As a last resort, use a saw to cut the nut.

Replacing the lug nut is pretty easy. Knock what is left backwards. You can get the new lug and lug nut at a parts store.

Good luck!

Bruce Hunt
Mar 19, 2007.