Honda Civic

I have a 96 honda civic hx. The problem is my parking lights does'nt lit up both front and rear, but if I turn the signal lights on or the hazard on it works. It lit's up. It blink's both front and rear. I check the fuses under dash I change some new fuses for turn signal and starter signal but stil it does'nt work for the parking ligths. Please help me with this thank you.
April 25, 2006.

Not sure I understand the entire story but there are two elements on a bulb. Check the bulbs.

Bruce Hunt
Apr 26, 2006.
I have the same problem on my car, the two corner lights doesnot stay on, but when hazard or turn isgnal is activated it blinks. It just does not stay on. I was told to check the fuse for them because you cars dash light is the same as the parking lights. Let me know what happens if u ever fix this. I just never had time to actually check mine out

May 11, 2006.