Honda Civic

I have a 2003 honda civic LX with a 1.7Liter. I also have a cold air intake. I recently drove though a foot deep puddle in a very low speed. By the middle of the puddle my car started to lose power and then die. At first I though maybe the muffler fulled with water and didnt let it breath. But then when I started to turn it over, it wouldn't fire up, and there was also smoke coming out of the muffler. I guess it had to have had water in the motor so I waited a bit then tryed it again but this time with the accelorator down. It struggle a little but then it started to idle. The only problem now is that now I have I ticking noise. As I rev it up it get louder and faster. I know going though a puddle with an intake is bad, but do you know what I could do?
September 9, 2006.

Maybe you hydrolocked, your piston rods my be bent, I would check the internals to make sure it isnt too bad and so it wont get worst

Sep 11, 2006.