Honda Civic

1997 Civic 4dr
1.6L 5sp manual
no air no options


When car is cold it hesitates esp. When I shift to 2nd gear. (If shifted back to first and stomp on the gas it goes)
After it warms up it runs fine.

it has a new
Cap and rotor (Echlin brand)
premium wires and new plugs
these were swapped in the spring and car ran fine then.

now even when the car is warned up (good) and I stop for say 5 minutes it does it again altho not so bad. Again goes away after a while

anyone? Appreaciate it

August 15, 2007.

It probably needs a major tune-up/ wires/plugs is not gonna cut it maybe a fuel filter problem I would check the EGR valve.

Aug 16, 2007.
Yeah well I never seen a fuel filter cause a problem like this.

It only happens when the motor is cold. It just cuts out.I might add it does not stall altogether but rather just loses power. If the gas pedal is stomped on it goes and if ya hold it to the floor no prob. This is not good for a cold motor howeverr.

Nov 30, 2007.