1993 Honda Civic

I have a 93 honda civic ex with about 98,000 miles on it I put a new engine and now my trany is not doin to good when I swicth gears is hard and in the moring when I go to work it lose force to swicth a gear I have a automac. Should I change the trany our keep it I took to a spot and they told me that it was good but I dont trust them so please help me out my other question was how do I change my lights on my dashboard I only found two srews please help thank you please email me @ batista_henry@yahoo. Com
February 22, 2006.

Get the manual to help you with the lights as the dash must come apart.

On the tranny, I would get another repitable tranny shop to look at it and give you an estimate.

Bruce Hunt
Mar 3, 2006.