2000 Honda Civic

I have a 2000 Civic that I took in for repair. They said it needed a new fuel sending unit. (The fuel gauge was always near full even when the tank was near empty.) Now that I have the car back the issue is not corrected. I am wondering if is both the sending unit and the gauge or if they are working me.
Thanks. SN
November 4, 2007.

Sending unit is meant to output different signals as it gets lower or is fueled. The mechanic should have been able to test the output of the old sender and the new.

Bruce Hunt
Nov 5, 2007.
Hi Saneu,

Just wondering if your problem has been fixed as I am having the same trouble? If so, what was the solution?


Jan 17, 2008.
I have a 1997 Honda Civic and am having this problem now also. It happened awhile ago but I never bothered to chase after fixing it. I figured it must be the sending unit or whatever is connected to the gas tank float arm. Usually it is a variable resistor that changes the current (thus voltage) sent to the fuel gauge. If that thing is off burnt or shorting out, then the meter reads full.
I have noticed that sometimes when I start out on a trip (Car is cold) the meter does not pin full but seems to function normally. But as I drive the meter will eventually go up and peg at full gas tank indication. So it seems to be heat related (like something is getting hot and changing value). Or maybe it could be a mechanical problem like the float arm pivot getting rusty and not swinging freely with the gas liquid level. It could be getting sticky and held up in the gas full position. Just my educated guessing here as I've not looked into this yet at all.
I'll need to find my old Civic Service Manual buried somewhere in the house to troubleshoot it one day.

Jan 20, 2008.
I finally pinned my problem down to the fuel gauge itself. I took the entire assembly out of my car, and then removed the fuel/engine temp gauge. I hooked it up to a power supply, and put a resistor across the other two terminals of the gauge. It started out showing the right amount, and then pinned to full. Replaced the gauge with one bought from the dealer, and all is well. The last thing I expected was the gauge itself. I thought sending unit or wiring (probably ground problem), but after all of my troubleshooting, it was the gauge.

Jan 22, 2008.