Honda Civic

I own a 1997 Honda Civic Si with a 1.6L SOHC VTEC. (D16 Engine) The engine is leaking oil from the front of the engine(same side as the timing belt). I have removed the top piece of the timimg cover to take a look. There is no oil until you come down to where the cylinder head meets the block, and from there on down to the crank pulley, it's soaked with oil. At that point I thought possibly it may be a head gasket leak. However there is no coolant leaking or being burnt and there is no oil being burnt, engine still seems to run very well. What I want to know is, can this be a head gasket problem when there is no antifreeze leeking. Currently I am putting about 1 litre of oil per week or 1 quart. Please help me! What do I do?[/B]
April 20, 2006.

You have an oil pump that is failing. The oil pump is located right there and above it is the water pump. Replace one or both. But the oil pump is shot.

Bruce Hunt
Apr 23, 2006.