Honda Civic

I have a 1994 Honda Civic LX with 183000miles. I am trying to get the alternator off. My problem is the pivot bolt. How does it come out? I have tried everything I can think of and it will not move. I have taken the nut off and the alternator moves back and forth, but the bolt will not come out. I have hammered on it, lubed it up well, and it still will not back out.
I have tried to get the alternator bracket off but it is impossible to get a wrench on the bolt head that is directly under the alternator.
Any help would be appreciated.
So the main question is " how do I get the pivot bolt to back out?&Quot;
September 30, 2006.

Try soaking it down with liquid wrench and then you will need to get physical with it. Another method is to heat the joint with a torch but you want to be careful about fuel in the area and overheating. It is frustrating.

Bruce Hunt
Oct 5, 2006.