2003 Honda Civic

Brakes problem
2003 Honda Civic 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 110000 miles

If my passenger front brake cailper piston lost brake fluid from the rubber was ripped;
1. What must I do to safely and economicaly fix it
2. Must I purchase a remanufactored caliper fro man auto parts store?

If I take it to a mecanic, what is the work needed to make sure they don't try and prolong the work?

thank you, Jacob
September 10, 2009.

You will have to replace the caliper.

Either a reman or with a new unit.

Sep 10, 2009.
Like said above you'll need a new caliper. Check out They have great prices. And they might offer a core charge so if you return your old caliper you'll get $ back. As far as how long it will take. It shouldn't take over an hour or two to do both brakes better yet just one side.

Sep 10, 2009.