1999 Honda Civic

1999 Honda Civic 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 83K miles

My 99 civic dx automatic starts up but then stalls, it will keep running if I give it gas but stalls when I take my foot off the gas pedal?

I took that 99 civic to autozone and advanced auto parts and they ran a scan on my check engine light (CODE=P1509) and they both independently said that it is the " idle air control valve". This is the first time that I ever attempted to work on a car myself. So I took out the iac valve and cleaned it with carb. Cleaner cleaner. After reinstalling it I started my car up a few times and it started up and stayed running. Then I drove it around the block and it did not stall when I took my foot off the pedal at low speeds. So I thought the problem was fixed. But when I went to move the car out of the diveway 30 minutes later, the same exact problem came back. The car stalled after being started, and it will keep running if I give it gas. I have also put a can of fuel injector cleaner in my gas tank.
September 6, 2009.

Replace the idle air control valve.

Sep 7, 2009.
Hello, I went ahead and changed the iacv but the problem persist. Engine will start and then stalls at idle only, will keep running if you give gas.

Sep 9, 2009.