Honda Accord

Bruce responded to my earlier question and I now have a second part to it. I have a 1998 honda accord ex, 4 cylinder, 5 speed manual. About 160,000 miles. The key will not turn in the ignition. The steering wheel is not locked and I tried a spare key to check the keys. The spare would not turn either. Bruce recommended replacing the ignition switch. I called a honda dealer and told them the situation. They told me I had to replace the ignition lock assembly. They said they could replace it and rekey it so I would not need a new key. I was told the ignition lock assembly part would cost me $213.00 and labor would come to $315.00. $528.00 seems like a lot of money. I found the lock assembly online for $177.00. The switch is only like $30.00 someodd dollars. Before I spend all this money, how can I tell whether it's the switch that needs replacing or the whole lock assembly?
June 15, 2007.

Hello, I work at an auto parts store, and judging by your situation, You will require the Ignition Lock Cylinder or the Lock Assembly. the electrical Ignition switch diverts the power to your starters solenoid when it is switched to the on position. A failed Lock Cylinder will make it so the key will not turn. i hope I have helped you. try BTW If you buy a new Lock Cylinder from an Auto Parts store, they usually come with 2 new keys

Jun 16, 2007.
Did anyone mention that honda has recalls on lock cylinders? I read that in another post.

Dec 12, 2010.