2000 Honda Accord

Honda Accord 2000 ex-6 4 dr sedan---I want to R& R my front brakes and rotors.

The front original Honda rotors have two Phillips head screws holding the rotor. But, the new rotors I bought from the local auto store (Lee's) DO NOT have any screw holes. Can I still use the new rotors (without the holes for the the two Phillips screws) and not cause any problems to the Honda ABS/sensor system? Or do I have to absolutely buy Honda rotors?

Thank you.
October 9, 2006.

They do not use Torx. Metric socket with extension works best. Front and back rotors are held in place with two phillips head screws. The front rotor can be compressed with the use of a big C clamp but the rear are a different rascal. The rear need to be turned back in with the aid of a BIG screwdriver flat blade or something flat and wide. Piece of cake. Good luck.

Bruce Hunt
Oct 10, 2006.