Honda Accord

I have a Honda Accord and it rained really bad one day the inside of my car got flooded I am not sure what to do the car only has liabilty and it seems to be running fine should I change the fluids and what should I do about the carpet and interior I do not want the car to mildew or smell
October 16, 2006.

Get a capret shampooer that you can rent anywhere. Shampoo the carpet with the attachments and especially suck out all of the water. Leave the windows open. You could even set a house fan inside and leave the doors open to ensure that it gets dry. Be careful that the battery does not drain with the doors open. Engine! It should be fine as long as the engine wasn't running in the water it should be ok. Check the oil and note if you see any water in it. I suspect no problems.

Bruce Hunt
Oct 17, 2006.