Honda Accord

'97 Honda Accord LX
114,000 mileage

When changing my spark plugs I noticed oil on the plugs. Is that normal?

My check engine light came on (yellow one). Last time I was told to make sure the gas cover was on tight & to make sure to use Chevron gas. I did all that & the light never came back on. It's been over 8 yrs. &Amp; it came on again. I made sure to check the gas cover. But after 3 or more trips the light is still on what eles could the problem be?
March 29, 2006.

First of all it doesn't matter what kind of gas you use. Most all products from well used stations do a good job.

There is no second guessing a check engine light. You MUST have a scanner to see what code you have. Auto-Zone will do it free. When you get the code go from there.

At 114K you MUST have a timing belt replacement. It will be a sad day if your belt breaks.

Mar 29, 2006.
Yellow light, not the check engine light? Is it the service light? The oil on the spark plugs, is it on the tips or is it all around the plug itself. If it is oily plug tips, you are burning oil, but if it is on the plug itself then the seals for engine cylinder under the valve cover are leaking.

Bruce Hunt
Apr 2, 2006.