Honda Accord

I have a 1994 honda accord and when I went to start it it took 5 times before it started up.I drove the car all day started up fine but one time it would not crank up. It took a liitle bit then finally it started what could that be.
December 27, 2006.

I would first ensure that the tuneup is current. Then I would check the fuel pressure at the rail.

Bruce Hunt
Dec 28, 2006.
Honda Accord LX, 116,000 mi, 2.2
Like demille's problem, my car also won't start sometimes. I have to keep cranking it for 10 minutes before it finally starts. But this only happens once every two months. Mechanics keep telling I have to bring it in when it won't turn over to find the problem. I know I'm due for a tune-up but what does 'fuel pressure at the rail' mean? And does a tune-up sound like the answer or is their another possiblity? Thanks

Jan 16, 2007.
There is always another possibility. The fuel pressure at the rail is attaching a gauge to the rail to test for fuel pressure. The pressure should constantly be above 35 lbs of pressure. The rail is the bar is connected to the fuel lines and holds the injectors.

The fuel pressure regulator could also be a failing point.

Why don't you check the EGR valve. Take it off and clean it. Start with that and see what happens from there.

Bruce Hunt
Jan 16, 2007.
If this happens mostly in warm weather or when the interior of your car is hot it could be the main relay (aka fuel pump relay) as well. Same symptoms in my 92 accord. Starts fine in morning, after sitting all day in heat connections spread and wont start.

Jan 16, 2007.