Honda Accord

I have a 1988 Honda Accord LX with 200,000 miles plus on it. Just a week ago I had to get a jump start because my battery had died on me. I bought a new battery and the same thing started happening to me again. I started my car up and unplugged the battery, and my car kept running for a short while until it died on me. So I got the alternator tested and it came out okay. My question is, if the battery and alternator are both okay what can be affecting my battery that it keeps dying on me? And why is it that if the alternator came out okay the car dies on me when I unplug the battery and leave the car running?
September 12, 2007.

Get a voltmeter read the battery before you start the car-record it now start the car the voltage should increase to atleast 2 volts-if you are getting the same reading before you start the car, the alternator is not reconditioning the battery.

Sep 12, 2007.
If you get a new battery and it keeps happening check the fuse box under the hood labeled # 23 its a 80 amp fuse my car wouldnt hold a charge and I got a new battery fuse and ten minutes of driving it lasted all night

Sep 24, 2007.