1983 Honda Accord

Hey, I drive a 1983 Honda Accord with a 1.8L engine and an automatic transmission and 90,000 miles. It is quite cold here right now and I have just started having a problem where whenever I take my foot off the gas, the cars RPM will rapidly fall to the point where it stalls. It does not matter if I am driving down the highway or on a local road. But, It will start again without any difficulty, but once I take my foot off the gas, it will do the same thing again and stall. This problem has happened before, but not with the same consistancy as just recently. Is it just the extreme cold or is the fuel pump on the fritz? Any other ideas? Thanks in advance.
February 9, 2007.

Have you given consideration that there might be water in the line or ice? Start with some fuel line moisture removal additive. Buy some good stuff.

Bruce Hunt
Feb 9, 2007.
I drive an 85 prelude, and have same problem within 10-20mins of starting the car.

Obviously just cause its cold, it takes about 10mins of sittin there with rpm at abotu 2k to warm up. Or you can let the car die a few times, eventually engaging the choke. (Not necessarly good for your car though).

The other thing, could be your timing. If you adjust your timing it changes where your car idles at.
If your timing is too low then your call will idle at 500-600rpm and the car will just die everytime gas is released and this rpm is reached.
Pretty sure if you go into some mech shop and tell them you want your timing bumped up to 1100 or 1000 or w/e they will do it for cheap. I think you can do it yourself with a timing gun but im not sure.

I hope this adress's your problem.

Feb 13, 2007.
I think it might have been a combonation of the water in the line as well as the idle being too low. I got some water remover which helped quite a bit, although not perfect so I will take it in to get the idle up higher as well to completely fix it as it does tend to run too low as well. Thanks muchly!

Feb 13, 2007.