2006 Honda Accord

Air Conditioning problem
2006 Honda Accord 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual

When on max cool driver side air is warm while passenger side is cold with dual temp output turned off. There are no DTC codes and the sensor codes were:
1. 33
2. 29
3. 02 in shade 35 in sun
4. 73
5. 32
6. D1 on low 99 on high temp
7. 01 on low 99 on high
8. 00
9. D0 on low 44 on high

#9 (vent temperature air out) may be the problem - but why would it only affect the driver side?
All of the air-mix motor looked OK ( I actually removed the drivers side to verify the cable and lever were moving properly) and the heater valve seem to open and close OK.

Has anyone else seen this problem - and better yet resolved it.
August 22, 2008.

Hi don-harriet,

Try turning on the heater to maximum and slowly turning back to AC at max coolness.

Aug 24, 2008.
I tried slowly turning the temp (about 1 degree every two seconds) to max, then slowly turning it to low three ways: 1. Both sides the same (dual off)
2. Driver side only
3. Passenger side only

Results: 1. When at Max - equally hot air from both sides. At min. Passenger side cold, driver side about the avg temp of the car.
2. Passenger side stayed cold - Driver side hot at max, avg car temp at min.
3. Driver side stayed at avg car temp - passenger side hot at max, and cold at min.

Aug 25, 2008.
Hi don-harriet,

After going through the data provided, I suspect the air mix door to be stuck in driver side or is leaking.

Aug 26, 2008.
I'm a bit confused. Is the air mix door controlled by the air mix control motor? When I pulled the driver side air mix control motor and moved the lever by hand, I got the range of ambient air (full up) to hot air (down position). Is the " air mix door" different from this?

Aug 27, 2008.
Yes, the motor controls the air mix door.
There are sponges to act as seals and this could be worn causing the cool air to be heated up when travelling to the air vent.

Aug 28, 2008.
I guess this means that the vent system itself needs to be taken apart to repair/replace these sponges. I'm surprised that the service manual doesn't really cover this problem other than the vague picture on 21-86. How is this corrected?

Sep 3, 2008.

You mentioned no DTCs, was it scanned or you used the system self diagnostic?

Sep 4, 2008.
I used the built in self diagnostics. I got no codes - not even any blinking - so I tried it several times. I turned the ignition switch on, the pressed the AUTO button, while holding the AUTO held down the OFF button. To make sure I held it for about 2 minutes - no codes.

Sep 4, 2008.
Hi don-harriet,

Try disconnecting the battery negative terminal for 10 seconds and try again.

If it did not work, try this and see if there is anything on record
The audio-HVAC display panel has a self-diagnosis function for climate control. To run the self- diagnosis function, do the following:
1. Turn the ignition switch ON (II).
2. Set the driver's temperature control dial or button on MAX Cool.
3. Press and hold the OFF button.
4. While holding the OFF button, press the rear window defogger button five times within 10 seconds.
The self-diagnosis will begin.

Locating Auto Button And Off Button (Without Navigation System) Courtesy of AMERICAN HONDA MOTOR CO., INC.

Locating Auto Button And Off Button (With Navigation System) Courtesy of AMERICAN HONDA MOTOR CO., INC.

If there are any problems in the system, the temperature indicator will light up the segment (A through Q) corresponding to the error. The temperature indicator will then alternate every second between displaying "88" (all segments lit) and the error code segment (A through Q).

NOTE: The system will only display the DTC when the AUTO and OFF buttons are pressed. If you release the buttons, the display will go blank. To return the display, simply press the AUTO then the OFF buttons again.

If no segments light up, the system is still not operating properly, check the sensor inputs to the climate control unit, or refer to SYMPTOM TROUBLESHOOTING INDEX .

Fig. 9: Identifying Drivers Temperature Indicator Courtesy of AMERICAN HONDA MOTOR CO., INC. Fig.

10: Identifying Passenger's Temperature Indicator Courtesy of AMERICAN HONDA MOTOR CO., INC.

Cancelling the Self-diagnostic Function
5. Turn the ignition switch OFF to cancel the self-diagnostic function. After completing repair work, run the self-diagnostic function again to make sure that there are no other malfunctions.

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Sep 5, 2008.
I got no DTC error codes following your instructions.

I disconnected the battery - needed to enter the security code and reset the clock, but no change in the A/C.

I re-ran the DTC test - no errors again.

Sep 7, 2008.